Regional R&D networks in Indonesia

Project Title: Establishment of Demand-Oriented Regional Networks for Research and Development
Client: Ministry for Science and Technology (KRT)

In Indonesia, the ongoing reforms led to the increased importance of regional approaches. Yet, the problems of poor investment climate, unequal resource distributions among the regions and inadequate infrastructure pose barriers to successful regional innovation systems. The project “Establishment of Demand-Oriented Regional Networks for Research and Development in Indonesia” addressed these obstacles and developed recommendations for improving R&D support systems at regional level. This project was implemented from 2002-2003 as a part of cooperation with Indonesian government started by the CCIS’ long-term project PERISKOP. The project has focused, in particular, at the support systems for the networks of SMEs – the cornerstone of local economy –and research institutions and universities. In consultations involving SMEs, R&D performers and international experts, the CCIS developed a range of concrete policy approaches to R&D networks and strong regional innovation systems.