Draft of a technology park for the American University Sharjah


Who are our key beneficiaries? A large number of actors and institutions are involved in the knowledge production within an innovation system. The success of system as a whole depends on the linkages among its individual actors. Therefore, we consult the clients at all levels of the innovation systems, starting from high-level policy makers to individual R&D performers (universities and research institutions).

Our long-term experience in organizing stakeholder consultations guarantees that we understand the unique needs, goals, responsibilities and roles of key innovation actors. A strong equal partnership with our clients is the key to our consulting approach.

A wide range of clients from all levels of national innovation system – has already benefited from our services, including:

  • National and federal governments responsible for designing long- and mid-term innovation and science and technologies strategies and policies
  • Intermediary organizations and agencies at the national and regional level responsible for the implementation of R&D policies, development of standards, regulations, R&D incentives, and the evaluation of the performance of science and technology sector
  • Intermediary organizations and agencies responsible for creating infrastructure to support entrepreneurship, agencies managing clusters and industrial networks
  • Intermediaries and knowledge brokers responsible for knowledge transfer and cooperation between the industry and universities and research institutions
  • Individual applied research establishments, research universities and businesses

Success of our services is connected also to our extensive Fraunhofer network that involves organizations and individuals throughout the whole spectrum of public and private sector. We create and maintain partnerships with the governments, consultancies, universities and innovating companies in Germany and internationally.

Analysis of research landscapes & policy advice
⇨ Innovation supporting politics: Analysis and action steps for the Egyptian R&D landscape
⇨ Development of a medium-term business plan (2011-2015) for Dubai
⇨ Evaluation of the research and technology systems in Vietnam (VISION)
⇨ Evaluation of the Indonesian economic, research and technology landscape to strength the national innovation system (PREISKOP)

Market and technology analysis
⇨ Sino German Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute
⇨ Strategic planning in Brazil
Innovation Benchmarking for CISER a Brasilian fastner Business

Strategic planning and development of innovation enabler
⇨ Strategic planning of applied science in Brazil (SENAI)
⇨ Development and establishment of a business plan for the “Dubai Institute of technology (DIT)” as a regional F&E Hub for chosen research fields 
⇨ Establishment of demand oriented regional R&D networks in Indonesia

Operative planning and development of innovation enabler
⇨ Sino German Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute
⇨ European Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence in China
⇨ Centre for Europe-Brazil Business & Innovation Cooperation
⇨ Strategic planning in Brazil

Establishment of management and collaboration mechanisms
⇨ Strategic planning in Brazil
Cross-Organizational Assessment and Development of Intellectual Capital (CADIC)

Evaluation and Monitoring innovation enablers and national innovation systems
⇨ Installation of research evaluation in Vietnam (EvaCap)