We aim to help our clients across the globe improving the performance of their national, regional and sectorial innovation infrastructures and R&D institutions. The main principle of our work is translating solid scientific research into pragmatic solutions suited to local conditions. Our participatory and demand-driven approach ensures the implementation of this principle and aims at establishing long-term partnerships with our client countries. Stakeholder consultations and joint pilot projects are an essential part of our work on-site to test applicability and ensure sustainability of the solutions developed throughout the projects.

Our interdisciplinary team combines expertise in applied research, strategic research planning, knowledge management, organizational development and innovation consulting.

Our services range from policy advice to operational planning and are based on a systemic approach to innovation management: we take into account the needs and the interconnections of all key actors in an innovation system, as well as the uniqueness of each innovation system and corresponding cultural, social and political conditions. Our consultants base their work on in-depth understanding of challenges, concerns and cultural idiosyncrasies of our partners and clients.

Our services focus on:

Clients are national and regional governments, ministries, innovation agencies, the managers of industrial clusters and technological parks, public and private universities, research institutions and firms worldwide. During the past 20 years, we gained our expertise in developing and emerging countries all over the world. Our most recent projects are mid- and long-term projects in Brazil, China, Dubai, Egypt and Vietnam.