Analysis of research landscapes & policy advice

Starting point for the activation of national and/ or regional innovation potential is always an analysis of the current innovation performance, as well as of relevant structural elements, such as the patent system, funding, technology transfer and scientific excellence.

Using macroeconomic analyses, large-scale surveys and studies, expert panels and scientific research, our team creates “innovation maps” to identify existing strengths and weaknesses of the research landscape. Our experts propose and support specific areas for action and the implementation of goal-oriented science policy measures together with relevant policy makers.

Objective: By operating tasks and methods listed below a comprehensive understanding of the innovation system framing is build up and used as a foundation to develop tasks that effect the R&D landscape positively.

Methodological approach:

  • Research and workshops supported by experts
  • Gaining know-how of frameworks
  • PESTLE and SWOT Analysis
  • Development of options of actions

Projects and activities:
Innovation supporting politics: Analysis and action steps for the Egyptian R&D landscape
Development of a medium-term business plan (2011-2015) for Dubai
Evaluation of the research and technology systems in Vietnam (VISION)
Evaluation of the Indonesian economic, research and technology landscape to strength the national innovation system (PREISKOP)