Economic planning in Dubai

Project Title: Dubai Medium-Term Economic Plan 2011-2015
Client: Ministry of Economic Development
Partners: Institute for the World Economy at the University of Kiel, Dubai Institute of Technology

Financial crisis of mid-2000s forced even the wealthiest nation, including the United Arabic Emirates (UAE), to expedite the transfer to the knowledge-based economy. In this line, the Emirate of Dubai established a goal to become a regional business and trade hub.

In 2011, the CCIS has assisted the Ministry of Economic Development in Dubai in designing a realistic medium-term economic plan, which should promote a knowledge based economy. The project, implemented in the partnership with Kiel Institute for the World Economy at the University of Kiel and Dubai Institute of Technology and based on extensive stakeholder consultations, resulted in strategies and concrete measures to turn the Emirate into a regional R&D hub.

In addition the CCIS advised the Emirate of Dubai, in a previous project, to develop the Dubai Technological Park, which should colocate innovative companies and research institutions likewise as a business and science valley.

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