Institute of technology in Dubai

Figure: Illustration of the planned research park with 5 research institutes in the center

Project Title: Development and implementation of a business plan for the “Dubai Institute of Technology (DIT)” as the main regional hub for performing R&D in selected research fields
Client: Dubai TechnoPark

Governments worldwide recognize the important role of R&D clusters – geographic concentrations of academic and industry partners that share common needs for talent, technology, and infrastructure – for the success of national innovation. The Dubai government contracted the CCIS to help developing a business plan for the Dubai Institute of Technology (DIT) from 2008 until 2010. The DIT presents the Technology Core of the TechnoPark – who has set itself the goal to support high-potential technology start-ups, stimulate development of industrial clusters and ensure partnerships among academic institutions and high-tech companies. Within two years, the CCIS has not only developed a rapidly approved multi-faceted Business Plan for the DIT, but also assisted in its implementation: the CCIS helped establish the Centres of Excellence, Business Incubators, IP Center and develop necessary operations and processes to ensure the effective management of the DIT.