R&D Governance in Egypt

Project title: Technical Assistance for the Evaluation of the R&D policies and practices and Technical Assistance for Testing and Preparing Design Principles for R&D Policies and Practices in the Arab Republic of Egypt
Client: Ministry for Higher Education and Scientific Research
Partner: Atos Origin, Pohl Consulting

As in many other emerging economies, Egypt sought the ways to tap into the innovative potential of its large SMEs sector, the cornerstone of the local economy. R&D policies should empower the innovators in industry and encourage synergies of all components of the national innovation system.
To evaluate the relevance of R&D governance to the needs of industry, the Egyptian Ministry for Higher Education and Scientific Research used the multifaceted assistance of the CCIS. The CCIS team has not only conducted large-scale quantitative surveys to evaluate the industry needs, but also organized numerous networking activities to strengthen the understanding between SME representatives, policy makers and researchers in universities and institutions.

As an important part of the project, the CCIS has also developed the methodologies to evaluate the effectiveness of R&D policies and practices that focus on relevance of R&D governance and support structures to the needs of Egyptian business.

Press release on the visit of the Minister of Trade and Industry of Egypt to Fraunhofer IPK (in German)