Strategic planning and development of innovation enabler

The connection between science and industry is the key success factor to convert scientific discoveries to profitable innovations. So-called “innovation hubs” promote co-operations between the two sides. The CCIS team supports national, regional and local actors in the strategic planning and implementation of research and innovation centers.

Our range includes research collaborations and networks, technology parks and innovation clusters. Our experts develop solutions in close co-operation with customers and local stakeholders to ensure the optimal integration in existing economic structures.

Objective: Establishment of a consistent strategy in order to implement innovation systems and structures.

Methodological approach: Workshops supported by experts

  • Prioritization of markets
  • Development of services specified for customer needs
  • Deduction of action steps

Projects and activities:
Strategic planning of applied science in Brazil (SENAI)
Development and establishment of a business plan for the “Dubai Institute of technology (DIT)” as a regional F&E Hub for chosen research fields
Establishment of demand oriented regional R&D networks in Indonesia