Operative planning and development of innovation enabler

Innovation center provide an ideal environment in order to network, team up innovation partner and to create new ideas. An adequate planning and fitting establishment customized to work under the given conditions is essential for the success of the innovation center and teams working there.

Fraunhofer and the CCIS Team offer a wide network, long standing operating experience and know-how in order to plan and implement new innovation center.

Objective: Providing necessary know-how.

Methodological approach: Workshops supported by technology experts from Fraunhofer or qualified universities:

  • Infrastructure and equipment requirements
  • Deduction of staff necessities
  • Implementation of HR-concepts to support employees adequately
  • Realization of Trainings

Projects and activities:
Sino German Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute
European Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence in China
Centre for Europe-Brazil Business & Innovation Cooperation
Strategic planning in Brazil